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NEW! Heart Murmur Clinic for puppies and kittens

Our Cardiologist, Luca Ferasin,  introduces our new Heart Murmur Clinic for puppies and kittens…

The specialist-led Heart Murmur Clinic at The Ralph investigates heart murmurs in otherwise asymptomatic cats and dogs under 6 months of age. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, our cardiology team assesses the cardiac-health of patients. If a congenital heart defect is diagnosed, we will provide recommendations for a care plan to improve the patient’s long-term wellbeing. This may include suggesting a minimally invasive cardiac procedure.

Price: £195 (including VAT). To make an enquiry, or a referral please call 01628 308300, or email [email protected] Please note appointments must be made via a referral from a veterinary practice.

About the Cardiology team:

Our Cardiologists Luca Ferasin and Heidi Ferasin are supported by our dedicated Cardiology Nurses, Jo Farminer and Emma Hudson and Resident, Altin Cala. They work closely alongside the Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency + Critical Care (ECC), Oncology, Surgery, and Neurology + Neurosurgery teams in cases requiring a multi-disciplinary approach. The ECC and Internal Medicine teams are fully trained to manage life-threatening cardiac emergencies which arise outside of Cardiology clinic hours.

Find out about our Cardiology Service here.


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  1. Julia says:

    Great idea – I will share this with my colleagues.

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