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Oscar’s Osteoarthritis: A New Lease of Life!


Oscar will be 14 in July 2024. He is a totally loved family dog, living with his great friend Elmo who is another black labrador. Oscar is a very kind, inquisitive, fun dog, and likes nothing better than walking around outside and sniffing, or sunning himself with the warmth of the sun coming through the window. 

I know he would not be able to walk outside for as long as he does without the physio expertise at The Ralph. When Oscar is asleep it looks like he’s running because his paws are moving fast. I do wonder if he thinks he’s having hydrotherapy with Kim.” – Oscar’s carer

Oscar has severe osteoarthritis (OA), especially in his elbows, which has limited his mobility and reduced the range of motion. He has extra bone on his elbows (making them look fat) that is a part of advanced OA. Oscar was fully medically managed for his disease and surgery was not an option; physiotherapy was the last thing that could possibly help Oscar’s function and therefore his quality of life.

Oscar has been having hydrotherapy sessions for 8 months now. The hydrotherapy has proven to be a game-changer for him. He has regained his ability to run and even jump onto the sofa, both of which were difficult for him before his weekly hydrotherapy sessions.

“Oscar started going for weekly hydrotherapy sessions from July 2023 when he turned 13. I had hoped for Oscar that the hydrotherapy would slow the decline of his arthritis. The work of the physiotherapy team has meant that his treatment at The Ralph has gone way beyond slowing the decline caused by arthritis.

Oscar’s arthritis has stabilised, and I believe that he is better now than he was before he started physio treatment and the hydro. The team has always treated Oscar as if he was their own dog. I am so grateful to them for their expertise and great kindness.

At The Ralph, Oscar likes meeting some of the other dogs in reception if they want to say hello. These lovely dogs have always wagged back to Oscar. I am sure he is looking for a job in reception!”

Oscar’s hydrotherapy sessions are ongoing and we are delighted to be a part of his journey on a weekly basis; see you next week Oscar!

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