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Puppy farm survivor Vivian regains sight

Vivian, a very sweet 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer, was rescued from a Welsh puppy farm in September 2019 by the charity Friends of Animals Wales. When in the safe hands of the rescue charity, it was apparent Vivian had an issue with her eyesight but the extent of Vivan’s condition was not realised until she visited her local vets, Maes Glas Veterinary Group. 

Vivian had cataracts in both eyes, causing complete blindness. The cataract in her right eye was particularly bad as it had been left untreated for such a long time; a result of the neglect of living on a puppy farm. 

Vivian was referred to Heidi Featherstone, Head of Ophthalmology, for specialist care. Heidi examined Vivian, and found the cataract in Vivian’s right eye to be a Morgagnian cataract – this very advanced and ‘over-ripe’ cataract is typically seen in remote and rural areas of the world with very limited medical help. 

Heidi assessing Vivian’s eyes during her recent check-up.

Fortunately cataracts are a condition which can be treated, and vision restored in suitable cases. The cataracts were removed by Heidi, using the standard technique in veterinary ophthalmology and in people – phacoemulsification. The surgery is performed through a small incision to the eye, with the aid of an operating microscope. The cataract (cloudy lens) was removed in each eye, and an artificial lens implant was placed. 

At her second post-operative check-up, Vivian was making very good progress. The eyes were healing well from the surgery, and it was clear to see she was enjoying her restored vision. 

“Giving Vivian, a puppy farm survivor, the gift of sight wasn’t just about restoring her vision. It was just as much about allowing her to become the dog she should have been. From one afraid of everything she is at last walking on a lead and seeing the world for the first time.”, Eileen Jones, Friends of Animals Wales. 

Vivian with our Customer Care Team Member, Izzy.

Vivian is currently fostered by a wonderful family in Wales, and once she is fully recovered she will be available for adoption. 

For more information about Friends of Animals Wales and to support Vivian’s cause please visit friendsofanimalswales.org.uk

For more information about our Ophthalmology Service click here

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