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Introducing Alan Danielski…

We are very excited to announce a new Ralpher who joins our Orthopaedic Surgery Service. Alan Danielski . He will be working closely with Stefano, Dani and Sam caring for patients with musculoskeletal (bone, muscle, ligament, tendon and joint) disorders. Let’s meet Alan and find out more about his role at The Ralph.
Alan graduated from Parma University in Italy. He moved to the UK in 2007 to continue developing his professional career in surgery. Since then Alan has been following his goal to become a Specialist in surgery. In 2016 he achieved this by passing the board examination to become a European Diplomate in Small Animal Surgery.
Over the past eleven years, Alan has worked at two of the UK’s leading referral centres for orthopaedic surgery managing a large and complex caseload. His approach to patient care aligns with The Ralph’s ethos – “We care for every animal as we would our own”. Alan believes in the importance of exceptional client care throughout the patient’s journey.
Here at The Ralph, Alan will provide the highest level of orthopaedic care by combining the latest technology with the team’s years of experience. The team has access to state of the art equipment. This includes a Storz arthroscopy tower (used in keyhole surgery), patellar groove replacement kit (used in knee surgeries) and Biomedtrix total hip replacement kit. They are able to diagnose and treat many orthopaedic disorders. These include:
  • Lameness diagnosis and treatment
  • Shoulder, elbow and stifle Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) treatment
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Proximal Abducting Ulnar osteotomy (PAUL)
  • Unicompartmental elbow replacement (CUE) (available from late 2019)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Total hip replacement
  • Cranial cruciate ligament disease
  • Patella luxation
  • Joint arthrodesis
  • Lumbosacral disease
  • Angular limb deformity
  • Arthroscopy
  • Simple and complex fractures and joint dislocation
  • Regenerative medicine
Alan possesses a broad set of surgical skills. He is particularly interested in elbow dysplasia, arthroscopy and complex fracture repair.
When a patient requires orthopaedic surgery, their care is likely to involve input from our other services, including Anaesthesia + Analgesia, Diagnostic Imaging, and Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation. This multidisciplinary approach supports both pre-surgery assessments and diagnosis and post-surgery care and recovery. The Orthopaedic service also collaborates with our 24-7-365 Emergency and Critical Care service on patients presenting as emergencies following, for example, trauma. This collaboration affords these patients the best care possible.
When Alan is not working at The Ralph, he enjoys family time with his wife Natalie, his daughter Isabella and their cat Zucca. As a born and bred Italian, Alan loves cooking and a glass of good wine. In his spare time, Alan loves travelling, riding his motorbikes (like other Ralpher surgeons!) or Vespas and watching Valentino Rossi on the TV. Alan is an international speaker and reviewer for several veterinary scientific journals.
We are delighted to welcome Alan to Team Ralph! Stay tuned for more news and goings on from The Ralph.
Take care,
Team Ralph

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