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Reflections on our first year

This week saw our 1st Anniversary at The Ralph. A whole 365 days have passed since we opened our doors and started caring for our patients. To commemorate the occasion we have been reflecting on the moments that made this year. We heard from our patients, almost a year on since we treated them, and shared their stories with our social media community. We remembered those who sadly did not make it. And we gathered together for a special Team Ralph Huddle to look back on the journey thus far, and the steps we are yet to take together.

Now our anniversary week draws to a close, our founder and creator of The Ralph vision, Shailen, takes a moment to reflect on our first year in the hospital.

“The Ralph opened a year ago after a five-year journey. You know when it feels like so much has happened yet in the blink of an eye? It’s like that.

I did not embark on The Ralph journey because of a long-held desire to run a large referral centre. I did because of the belief that it was possible to create a hospital which, at its core, would be a little different from what I had known. To build an independent hospital with a focus on core values, culture and mission.

The Ralph is a new hospital. For a start-up of this scale, one year is still very much early days. Most of us are not used to being in a start-up. It is different and challenging especially with the growth. Yet throughout we have done our best to prioritise our patients, their carers, our referring community and Team Ralph. We are grateful for your belief in us and appreciate your patience, where we have fallen short.

As a first-time founder and CEO, what have I learned above all? Something obvious and yet easy to underestimate – it is all about people. Team Ralph will determine whether The Ralph becomes the hospital we intend it to be. Our operational progress moves in the right direction. As an independent start-up, our financial development moves slowly towards long-term security. Yet The Ralph was and is about more than that.

It is about continuing to work very hard to ensure that we embed the founding culture. A culture focused on compassion, empathy, patient safety, human wellbeing and ethical clinical practice. Embedding culture and ethos requires long-term effort from a team who share a vision. We are up for it.

Thank you once again for your support and your feedback over the last year. We look forward to serving you, your patients and pets in the year ahead. And we look forward to continuing to improve as a centre of excellence.”



Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Diplomate
Founder, CEO and Clinical Director

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