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Marvellous Missie!

Missie had a nasty swelling around her left eye which appeared suddenly. It was suspected to be caused by an insect sting or an allergic reaction. To try and reduce the swelling, Missie had taken a course of anti-inflammatory drugs. However, the swelling appeared to grow larger and larger by the day.

Missie was referred to us as an emergency ophthalmology case on a Monday evening. During her physical examination with our Ophthalmology Team it was clear Missie was very uncomfortable and not her usual self; she typically adores her food but was not even interested in treats! The swelling around Missie’s eye was very severe – it had completely covered her eye and there was blood dripping from the left side of her face. Missie had a fever and appeared painful when examining her mouth.

Missie had an ultrasound scan of the swelling to check the eye was in good condition. We gave Missie some pain relief, antibiotics and an intravenous drip to make her more comfortable overnight. A CT scan was scheduled for the following day.

In the morning, Missie had a general anaesthetic and a CT scan to investigate what may be causing the swelling. The CT scan showed signs of severe cellulitis (bacterial infection of the skin) around the left eye socket. Whilst Missie was under anaesthetic samples were taken from the swelling. These samples were collected using ultrasound imaging guidance to maximise safety and to improve the quality of the samples. The samples were sent for testing (cytology and bacteriology) and later confirmed the diagnosis of cellulitis. During the evening, Missie looked more comfortable with her eye becoming more visible and the swelling starting to reduce.

Missie enjoying some time outdoors with our Registered Veterinary Nurse, Aisling.


Missie stayed with us for a few days so that we could provide continuous monitoring and antibiotic therapy. The swelling improved greatly during these days, along with Missie’s overall wellbeing. So much so, it was time for Missie to return home to her family.

We saw Missie and her carer, Anthony, recently for a check-up examination and were overjoyed to see she was back to her usual self (although a little smaller having lost 1kg!). The swelling has disappeared, with her left eye fully open and functioning. Her fondness for treats was also well and truly back!

Thank you for taking the time to read about Missie’s story. If you would like to find out more about our Ophthalmology Service or Diagnostic Imaging Service please click on the links.

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