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It’s a sign

This week has been a milestone week in the history of The Ralph. It is true that, currently, most weeks tend to include a milestone or two, but the past week has included a sign!

And yes, we do mean that quite literally. Our new building signage was installed this week.

Work begins!

Signage basically mean public display signs; a chance to convey your brand on a big scale. And for The Ralph, our brand is not just a logo. It is an entire experience; a chance for us to communicate who we are, what is important to us, and our promise.

When The Ralph’s journey started several years ago, we spent a lot of time working with our design partners to craft The Ralph logo. We wanted to ensure that our branding is aligned with who we are and that our personality is evident. It’s marvellous to think how the journey of our logo and branding development has evolved. And this week we get to really show it off…as it’s now on the front of our building!

Having the new signage on the hospital building has lots of implications. On a practical level, it means that the building is easily identifiable as The Ralph and that people can find us. On an emotional level, it represents the dream and vision coming to life. And that is pretty awe-inspiring.

For the milestone event, we had some very expert help…and some very tall cherry pickers.

Before long, hey presto and our building had a name and an identity. The sign will be illuminated, making it even more recognisable and we are excited to see what it looks like lit up in due course.

But at the moment, in the magnificent sunshine, doesn’t it look amazing?

Thanks for being here with us as part of our epic journey. Follow us on social media for more updates. For now, thanks for reading and we will be back soon with more news of our adventures.

Take care,

The Ralph Team

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