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Bo’s Tetanus Recovery: Against All Odds

“He just kept fighting. Against all odds, he just kept fighting…”

Members of our Emergency + Critical Care team reflect on Bo’s incredible journey with Grade IV tetanus.

Bo’s recovery was a true hospital-wide team effort, requiring input from our Emergency + Critical Care, Anaesthesia + Analgesia, Neurology, Physiotherapy + Rehabilitation, and Ophthalmology teams. And of course perseverance from wonderful Bo and his carers.

We are so pleased that he is now happy at home, running around as usual 🥰

4 replies to “Bo’s Tetanus Recovery: Against All Odds”

  1. Frankie Lodge says:

    Moved me to tears – Happy tears 😊, a wonderful example of what can be achieved from such a dedicated, knowledgable, caring team and of course Bo – heart of a Liion! 🥰

  2. David Fulton says:

    We will be forever grateful for the team at The Ralph saving Bo’s life. x

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