Kezia Fentiman

Kezia Fentiman

Brand and Content Lead & End of Life Care + Rehoming Coordinator

As part of our Community Engagement team, Kezia works with our community groups (our people, our patients, vet community and pet carers) to uphold the value-driven mission of The Ralph.

Kezia’s role as Brand + Content Lead involves planning and creating our communications, as well as working with her team to come up with new ideas that represent the values of our brand.

As an End of Life Care + Rehoming Coordinator, Kezia works alongside Shannon and Alanna to provide support for patients who are no longer with us, those who are looking for a new home, and the humans who care for them.

Kezia has always wanted to work with animals and enjoys being creative. Her academic and professional path has led to her specific interest in animal-related communications, and she is particularly interested in the way language and images of animals are used in a marketing context.

After graduating in Journalism, Kezia worked for an African wildlife rehabilitation charity in Malawi, before joining us at The Ralph.

In her spare time, Kezia can be found exploring new spots in Bristol and Cornwall, and hanging out with her little lurcher, Laika.