Ru Clements

Ru Clements


Head of Culture, Quality and Clinical Governance

Ru is a qualified veterinary surgeon having graduated from Edinburgh in 2010. Ru is passionate about creating a community that champions individual wellbeing, care and compassion. Above all, she is dedicated to building great veterinary culture with a focus on authenticity, purpose and values.

Ru is Champion for Culture Community and Innovation at The Ralph so she acts as a culture ambassador and guardian. She is responsible for safe-guarding our culture and ensuring that ‘the way we do things around here’ remains aligned with our vision. She makes sure that every decision or activity is considered through our cultural lens to ensure that we remain true to our aspirations and values.

The Ralph supports and encourages a growth mindset and actively encourages an entrepreneurial spirit in our hospital. Only by being at the forefront of technology and understanding what our patients, pet carers and referrers need and want can we create innovative and forward-thinking solutions. Ru is instrumental in supporting our people with such initiatives and always ensures that any new ideas are appraised through our cultural lens to make sure they are consistent with our ethos.

Ru shares her home with Luna the cat and Duke, the border terrier.