Irene Strelitzia Garcia Molina

Irene Strelitzia Garcia Molina


ECC Intern

Irene graduated from the University of Cordoba (Spain) in 2018. She worked at a referral hospital there before deciding she wanted to move to England in 2019 to pursue specialisation. In order to achieve that, Irene worked the following three and a half years as a first opinion veterinary surgeon at two busy 24h veterinary practices while completing a Small Animal Emergencies Postgraduate diploma and a six month Surgery course.

Irene had already developed a passion about emergencies and critical care before she enrolled in her Rotating Internship at a referral centre in Essex which helped her to gain experience within the referral hospital setting before joining The Ralph in August 2023.

During her spare time Irene enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her cat Kiwi, family and friends.