Sadie Walters

Sadie Walters

Emergency & Critical Care Nurse

Sadie has previously worked in a busy first opinion hospital where she gained valuable experience and has had various out of hours roles in emergency clinics. Alongside full-time nursing, Sadie has also worked as a locum nurse on her days off to extend her experience and knowledge in the referral field.

Sadie has recently passed her nursing certificate in emergency and critical care, and has a particular interest in ICU nursing. She has completed clinical supervisor training and helped to mentor student nurses, including revision for exams and helping with their practical skills.

Sadie is a certified open water scuba diver, trained as a marine mammal medic and completed an internship in the Bahamas, involving general husbandry and health care for captive Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins.

At home she has three dogs of varying breeds. Sadie also has a fabulous African Grey Parrot!