Ophthalmology In Sight: Quadruple Clinician Edition

This four-part session is led by four of The Ralph’s ophthalmology team. The presentations are on the following topics:

1. Azzurra Massidda (Ophthalmology Specialist) discusses keratoconjunctivitis sicca (aka ‘dry eye’), a common condition that is chronic and potentially uncomfortable. She covers aetiology and treatment, and how this condition can best be managed long term.

2. John Burgess (Residency-trained Ophthalmology Clinician) discusses some of the medications available to the veterinary market. This includes which of these best serve our patients, how best to use them, what contraindications we need to know, and why certain formulations may work better than others for certain conditions.

3. Guido Cardone (Ophthalmology Intern) speaks on Spontaneous Chronic Corneal Epithelial Defects – more commonly known as ‘non-healing ulcers’. Guido runs through the aetiology, symptoms and up-to-date treatment options.

4. Heidi (Head of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Specialist) finishes off the session by sharing her top 10 tips for eye patients.

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