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We are creating an environment at The Ralph that is based on a strong core thesis of values and culture. We have spoken before in this blog about how this truly underpins everything that we do. We even have people within the team whose role it is to specifically safeguard our culture – Stacey and Ru, our Champions of Culture, Community and Innovation.

When developing these job titles, the term ‘Champion’ was carefully selected for its meaning – ‘a person (or people) who vigorously support a person or cause’. It was during one of our regular culture development meetings last year that we devised the idea for a group of champions across the hospital. Our champions will be the voice and guardians of specific areas based on their special interests and passions. They will span the entire team and being a champion is open to anyone who would like to be the advocate of a certain practice, activity or thesis.


The benefit of our champions is two-fold. Firstly, our champions are empowered to become involved in areas that they have specific interest and passion in. For example, some of our people are really passionate about the care of and communication with cats (Champion of Feline Friendliness), the environment and ensuring that we are environmentally friendly and savvy at the hospital (Champion of Creating a Better World) and ethical practices (Champion of Ethical Care). Secondly, our people will have the opportunity to explore and embed themselves in specific practices that they find interesting and stimulating, and that they support and are enthusiastic about.

Along with the support of the wider team, our champions will be co-responsible for supporting these vital causes within the hospital.  The will also play a leading role in updating our practices in-line with new research, information and learnings in their particular area.

All of our people at The Ralph will have the opportunity to create a champion role that is supplementary to their day-to-day role. And anything is possible. As long as someone is passionate about, interested in, and takes enjoyment from a specific area, then the sky’s the limit! We already have someone in mind for our Champion of the Social Scene! The scope of our champions really can be that broad.

We imagine that over time, this is an idea and concept that will develop. We will be sure to nurture it and support its growth. We look forward to sharing more about this programme over the coming weeks, months and years…and to introducing our champions of course.

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