Expanding Our ECC Service

Our Emergency and Critical Care (ECC) team consist of:

– Two full-time and one part-time Diplomate
– Several Advanced Practitioner-level Staff Clinicians
– Dedicated ECC nurses

The service operates out of our separate Dog and Cat ICUs and Emergency Dog Ward.

Our ECC service is busy and we need help to support its continued growth.

We are looking to fill two roles:

1) An extra ECC Staff Clinician:

This role involves working nights, weekends, Bank Holidays and, in time, weekdays. You will be caring for ICU inpatients and seeing new ECC referrals under Diplomate supervision. Applicants should have significant prior experience of and Post-Graduate qualification in ECC.

2) An ECC Clinical Assistant:

The role on offer is for a veterinary surgeon with an interest in ECC. Post-Graduate qualification in ECC would be nice but is not essential. This is a pre-internship role that we expect to last for 3-6 months. Thereafter, subject to performance, you would start a 12-month ECC Internship at The Ralph.

To Apply

Please email jointeamralph@theralph.vet with questions or to submit an application. Please make it clear which role you are applying for and include your CV.

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