A Plethora of Nurse/Tech Opportunities

There are various pieces to the ‘excellent compassionate care’ puzzle. The equipment piece. The facilities piece. The space piece. The resources piece.

Above all though, there are the people (not resources!). This is by far the biggest piece of the puzzle. You need to have enough like-minded people with a shared ethos and enough time to care for their patients ‘as if they are our own’.

Due to our ongoing expansion, we have the following opportunities to join Team Ralph:


Experienced Theatre/Anaesthesia Nurses
Theatre Technicians
Someone with experience and interest in decontamination/sterilisation

We are also looking for experienced NURSES to work in the following areas:

Diagnostic Imaging

We are open to full- or part-time. Salary and other terms are commensurate with experience. The Ralph operates an employee share option scheme to which all Ralphers are entitled.

The Ralph is a workplace that focuses on culture, core values and mission. If you want to know more about #bemoreralph and #theralpheffect, we would love to hear from you.


“Working with so many like-minded colleagues plays a big part in why I enjoy my job. There’s always someone to have a laugh with, to chat about the loss of a patient with, or to ask for help or advice from. I also learn so much from the different team members every day!” (Inge, Senior Oncology Nurse)

“I love the openness everyone in Team Ralph has to new possibilities. And how The Ralph is truly at the leading edge of how patient care should progress in the future of veterinary medicine.” (Kim, Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation)

“For anyone wishing to pursue a similar role, I’d say you would never be bored! There is always something you can do to help, and there is so much to learn. What’s really important to me is knowing that my role plays an important part in the patient’s journey. It is this which makes everything worthwhile, even when things get a little tough.” (Georgia, Trainee Theatre Technician)

“I am constantly motivated by those who I am surrounded by – people who go out of their way to help others. Whether that’s helping our furry friends, or sharing experiences that help us to grow.” (Tash, Ophthalmology Nurse)

To Apply

Please get in touch by emailing jointeamralph@theralph.vet and include your CV.

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