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Did you know The Ralph is an Approved Nurse Training Practice? 

It’s true! We are an RCVS approved Training and Assessment Practice (sometimes referred to as a ‘TP’). This means we will provide student nurses with clinical training and work experience, and support their qualification as a veterinary nurse – hooray!  

Our Champion of Student Support, Gemma, is one of our Clinical Coaches and was integral to our approval so who better to tell us more… 

What is an approved Training and Assessment Practice?

By being an approved Training and Assessment Practice we can provide student nurses with the practical side of training needed to qualify. This supplements the class-based learning provided by colleges and universities. For example, whilst student nurses are here at The Ralph they will be working closely with our team of nurses to learn how to take blood, how to apply bandages, along with how to care compassionately for all patients. Student nurses will be provided with an all-round experience at The Ralph, as they spend time with fellow nurses, vets, patient care assistants, and customer care team members. 

Trainee Vet Nurse, Anusha, during a recent placement at The Ralph.

As an approved Training and Assessment Practice, we are certified by the College of Animal Welfare. This means we meet the requirements set by the RCVS (professional regulatory body) to deliver clinical training to student nurses. We have an inspection every year to maintain our status. 

What does it mean for student nurses? 

Simply, it means you can conduct your clinical training with us.

For student nurses who are in higher education or doing a vocational qualification, you can carry out your placements with us. It also means we can offer apprenticeship placements for students looking for employment as a student, or as an apprentice nurse. If you are interested in a nurse apprenticeship at The Ralph, you would be employed as a Patient Care Assistant for a minimum of one year to learn the basics of caring for animals first and to ensure a career in nursing is right for you. 

Gemma providing some practical training with Sophia

So Gemma, why are you passionate about being our Champion of Student Support?

We have a learning culture here at The Ralph, and we are eager to support the next generation of veterinary professionals. Personally, I want to help students to enjoy their training and fulfil their passions. It is important to me that nurses have consistent support throughout their training.

About Gemma

Gemma is a Registered Veterinary Nurse and Champion of Student Support at The Ralph. She trained at the College of Animal Welfare and has been nursing for 8 years. Gemma grew up with animals, and considers herself ‘animal-mad’, so when deciding on her career Gemma felt there was only one option – veterinary nursing! 

If you would like to find out more about training at The Ralph, please contact Gemma ([email protected])

Take care,

Team Ralph

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