Zoe Dunham

Zoe Dunham



Zoe qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2007 and subsequently specialised in neuro-rehabilitation within the human sector. In addition, Zoe completed her post graduate qualification in Veterinary Rehabilitation, enabling combination of her extensive human physiotherapy expertise with her lifelong passion for animals. Having this broad physiotherapy knowledge, combined with a passion for biomechanics and neuro-rehabilitation allows Zoe to provide a truly holistic approach to support our patients, be dog or cats, needs.

Alongside working with the team at The Ralph, Zoe continues to expand her Veterinary Physiotherapy knowledge and progressing the profession through being actively involved in research projects.

As well as treating small animals at The Ralph, Zoe enjoys running her own business providing a mobile Equine and Rider Physiotherapy service.

When not working or participating in research, Zoe enjoys training and actively competing her Dressage horse, and having adventures with the family dogs.