Scarlet Aflalo

Scarlet Aflalo


Internal Medicine Intern

After graduating from the RVC, Scarlet took her first job at a first opinion practice in South West London where she grew up. Eighteen months and a relocation later, Scarlet joined a newly opened practice in Maidenhead. Over four years, the practice grew and Scarlet starting seeing more and more exotic pets. She ended up completing a certificate in Exotic Animals. Scarlet also worked for a small zoo and has successfully treated Otters, Wallabies, Snakes, Elephants, Shrews and endless rodents! During this time, she discovered her passion for Internal Medicine and working on tricky cases.

In between caring for her patients, Scarlet looks after her two rescue dogs: Barry and Norman, her two cats: Batcat and Pudding and her two rabbits Boggle and Scrabble.

When Scarlet has a bit of free time, she is often working on some DIY with her boyfriend in their new home in Bourne End. She also enjoys watching movies and horror/sci-fi shows.