Ewelina Depta

Ewelina Depta

Patient Care Assistant

Ewelina was born in Poland and had a rather peaceful life until she moved to Russia where she was able to finish her university course, qualifying as a Vet and completed a cert in Ophthalmology. Ewelina was also working as an Ophthalmology Vet for a short while.

Ewelina moved back to Europe, travelling across the continent working as a translator. She made the move to England not too long ago and decided it was time to come back to the veterinary profession. Currently, Ewelina is on her way to passing her exams in order to be able to practice as a vet in the UK as well.

Ewelina is the proud mum of 2 dogs and 2 cats. In her free time, she loves travelling, discovering new food and reading books. Ewelina always tries to do something good for others.

She also supports animal shelters back in Poland.