Cordelia McDowell

Cordelia McDowell

Customer Care Team

Before joining Team Ralph, Cordelia previously worked as a Travel agent, selling a range of holidays from cottages in England to a multi itinerary trip around the world , cruises, guided tours etc. She has travelled extensively, her favourite place being Thailand for the culture, beautiful scenery and animals.

Cordelia’s other big passion is animals and has always had a dog or cat in her life. She currently has a German Shepherd called Alfie who is her best friend along with two black and white cats Freddie and Skye. Cordelia loves walking and spending lots of time in the woods/fields with Alfie, she also loves horse-riding. Swimming is also a favourite of hers and Cordelia tries to swim weekly in a local school pool .  Cordelia likes seeing friends in her spare time and taking time to travel when she can. She enjoys a challenge and likes to learn new things in whatever avenue she takes.

Cordelia has a 17 year old daughter who also has a passion for animals and is studying Criminology and Phycology at college and will be off to University next year. Cordelia tries to spend as much time as possible with her daughter but now she is driving and working in her spare time the time they spend together is precious.

Cordelia is a positive and cheerful person, she is really happy to be given the chance to join Team Ralph and transfer her skills from customer service in Travel over to Veterinary. Cordelia loves to see our patients and hear about how they are recovering and support carers in any way she can.