Chiara Briola

Chiara Briola


Diagnostic Imaging Diplomate

Chiara graduated from the University of Parma (Italy) in November 2008 with an experimental thesis on “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of brain tumours in dogs”. Her passion for MRI pushed her further in the Diagnostic Imaging path and in July 2010 she moved to the Ospedale Veterinario San Michele (Lodi, Italy) where she worked for three years under the supervision of Dr. Martin Konar Dipl.ECVDI. Parallel to her job as a Veterinarian she developed a huge interest in the applicative and technical aspects of magnetic resonance and in 2012 she started to work as a Veterinary MRI Application Specialist. In May 2013 she moved to Rome (Italy) where she worked for four years at Clinica Veterinaria Roma Sud.

In September 2016 she moved to Padova (Italy) where she joined the imaging team of Clinica Veterinaria San Marco.

At the end of November 2016, she started her Diagnostic Imaging Residency, with an alternative program, at Cambridge Veterinary University under the supervision of Prof. Michael Herrtage and in June 2021 she became a European Specialist in Veterinary Radiology.

Chiara visited numerous countries all around the world teaching MRI, including the USA, South Africa and Chile, and she is speaker at international congresses and first author and co-author of numerous papers covering various topics of Veterinary Radiology.

Chiara came to The Ralph as a locum in August and November 2020 and then joined the Imaging team as a full-time Radiologist in March 2021.

Her clinical interests are extremely focused on MRI, especially neuroimaging and MRI of the abdomen.

In her spare time, Chiara is a fantasy book author and she loves to spend time walking in nature far from urban noises.