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Team Ralph has landed!


It has been an exceptionally special and exciting week in the history of The Ralph. But surely every week is exciting with so much going on, I hear you say. Well yes, but this week has truly been extra special with the arrival of Team Ralph, reporting for duty!

The week started with time spent getting to know one another. There were some old friends amongst the team so catching up was the order of the day with many new friendships and relationships also being forged. It was truly wonderful to see such energy and enthusiasm from every single one of our people. But they are, afterall, Ralphers so we weren’t at all surprised!

Over the course of the week, we did have to focus on some practicalities. And so, we spent time learning about health and safety, our Humans not Resources online portal, trying on uniforms and collecting electronic equipment (yes, pretty much everyone has their own tablet as we strive to be as paperless as possible)

But as well as practicalities, we were also able to spend lots of time chatting culture. For us at The Ralph, the ‘way we do things around here’ will always be a representation of our compassion- and excellence-centred approach. And our people will always be at the core of what we do.

During the course of the week, we delivered sessions on everyday wellbeing and fascinating talks on the importance of understanding human limitations and human factors. We also discussed the importance of our fair and learning culture. We spent a whole afternoon on ‘Doing it The Ralph Way’. This was a deep dive into our mission, vision, ethos and core values. The discussions were just amazing! We are truly blessed with a wonderful and inspiring team.


After 5 years in the making, this week was momentous with us taking our first steps together as Team Ralph. And with 5 more new Ralphers due to join us on Monday, and several more over the next few weeks, we are sure that this is just the start of an amazing and special journey to come.

Take care

The Ralph Team


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