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Residencies all round!

Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR members of our team are about to commence residencies in their respective fields. A quartet of pride!

Residents are specialists-in-training. They work under the supervision of specialists in their field for a few years before taking on some challenging exams at the end. If they pass, they become Board-certified and can be considered specialists.

Altin Cala and Patricia Marco in our Dog Induction room

Altin, currently a Cardiology Intern will be starting his Cardiology residency at The Ralph next month and says, “I feel happy and honoured to start this residency with my mentor Luca Ferasin. I want to thank SVCC (Specialist Veterinary Cardiology) team for supporting me. And last but not least I want to thank all of you at The Ralph and Shailen particularly for supporting me so much. I love you all as my family. Thank you.”

Patricia has previously completed two internships in anaesthesia and will now take on a residency in Dublin. She says, “It’s amazing I’ve finally reached my dream to do a residency and getting one step closer to becoming a specialist! This opportunity will allow me to provide better anaesthesia and analgesia care to all my future patients.”

Olivia Walesby

Lui Allen-Deal

Olivia and Lui are also moving on to pastures new and will both be starting a residency in Emergency + Critical Care in Edinburgh in the new year. Olivia says, “I’m looking forward to heading home to Scotland and working at Edinburgh Vet school. I am excited but nervous about starting the ECC residency and the challenge ahead!” and Lui also says she’s very excited about taking this next (big!) step.

We are so happy for our wonderful Ralphers.

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