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The Ralph is due to open in only a few months’ time. And much of our attention is focused on our people, the heartbeat of our hospital, and more specifically their recruitment.

We already have a number of new recruits. While some are relatively local, others are moving from further afield to join team Ralph. That means moving many miles and transplanting lives into a new area. This means a new home and a new local area to become familiar with. And the need to consider partners, children and, of course, companion animals.

For some, moving home can be a stressful experience, even when that move is only a short distance away. Our people’s happiness is hugely important so we are making sure that we are able to offer as much support as possible during this process.


Firstly, we have developed a relocation guide for all of our people who are new to the area. This includes help on finding a new home, local transport links, details on schools and nurseries as well as local amenities (such as doctors, dentists, gyms etc.) and leisure activities. It has been curated by a number of our team who have lived in the local area for many years and who definitely have a finger on the Marlow pulse!

But we also go further by providing additional support for the day-to-day things relating to relocating that are hard to manage when you are in another country or county. Our Champions of Culture, Community and Innovation, Ru and Stacey, are supporting our people who are relocating to ensure they really do have as much assistance as possible.

We also have a host of initiatives that we will be implementing at The Ralph to promote social interaction. The list currently includes running club, cookery club, book club and so on. It is really important to us that we are able to support our people to engage in social activities. When you move to a new area, and don’t know many people, it is even more vital to find ways to have fun!

We are thrilled that our team is expanding day by day. And that we are able to support our people at this exciting time. It is part of our ethos and culture, and is ‘just the way we do things around here’. It feels right and fitting that we support our people at every stage of their journey.

Thanks for checking in and reading this week’s blog. For those who are new to the mailing list, please do have a look at our earlier blogs chronicling our journey so far.

See you again soon and take care.

The Ralph Team

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