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Patricia joins Team Ralph!

We are very excited to announce Patricia Ibarrola DSAM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS joins Team Ralph as our new Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist.

Patricia completed her residency training at Liverpool University and obtained her specialist qualifications in 2008.  She has worked both in academia and private referral practice in the UK and Ireland. Patricia loves all aspects of Internal Medicine but is specially interested in infectious diseases.

“When I was a new graduate I was more interested in surgery than internal medicine. One day, I received a very sick patient and failed to recognize Addison’s Disease.  If it had not been for one of my colleagues who pointed me in the right direction, I am sure the patient would have died of a very treatable condition. At this moment I realised that I had to improve my knowledge and started attending medicine courses in my free time. I became absolutely fascinated with the complexity of internal medicine cases and when the opportunity came to do a medicine residency I took it without hesitation. Back then residencies were not as competitive as they are now; I feel for our younger colleagues that have to do multiple internships before being accepted into a residency programme. In any case, my days of doing surgery are way behind me which is good for everybody because I am sure I would have been a rubbish surgeon!”  

Patricia lives in London with her husband, two cats and a small Brussels Griffon called Chewie who rules the household and takes up a large part of her free time! Patricia has also recently found a new passion which is trying to learn to play acoustic guitar!

A big welcome to the team Patricia! To find out more about our Internal Medicine Service click here.

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