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Our people are humans…not resources!

In previous blogs, we have talked a little about the workplace culture that we are creating at The Ralph, and how this is a priority for us. In this blog, we want to explain what this means for our people.

Our people are the soul of our hospital. Quite literally, they are our heartbeat. They are what make our ‘Centre of Excellence and Compassion’ just that – excellent and compassionate and so much more besides. And because of that, they are vitally important to us.

Our people are our heartbeat

So, why would we ever call them resources? At The Ralph, there is no traditional Human Resources Department. Why? Because our people are humans and are definitely not resources. So, farewell HR department, and hello HnR department (that’s Humans not Resources by the way!). We are championing a shift of focus towards our people which involves humanising our processes.

And that involves adopting the right (and perhaps somewhat non-traditional) performance management strategy based on a continuous conversation and support approach. One where regular communication, employee feedback and a strong sense of autonomy and empowerment are the norm. The (metaphorical and physical!) doors are always open to anyone who needs it at any time. We have invested in Champions of Culture, Community and Innovation at The Ralph and this team are integral in supporting our culture and our people. There is so much more we can say about this team that it would take up a whole blog on its own. In fact, a great idea… keep checking back for that instalment!

We believe in our people. We invest in their growth and development both inside the hospital walls and outside of them. We support them to be well and to thrive. We want to make sure our people live their very best lives. And we want to support them to do so because they are the ones who help us to innovate, develop solutions and strategies and drive excellence.

And in turn, we encourage autonomy and nurture a learning mindset. We invest in our people from day 1 and never treat them as resources. That investment is far-reaching and is brought to life through our onboarding processes, our ongoing Be More Ralph programme (definitely more to come on that in future blogs as well!), by making sure our people get the recognition and empowerment they deserve and by providing every single person in the hospital with a voice.

Our approach to how we engage with our people is just one aspect of the culture that we are cultivating at The Ralph. But it does go a small way to explaining how our culture is permeating our day-to-day activities and how it simply is ‘the way we do things around here’.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for those next blog posts (subtly mentioned here!) as well as our social media accounts for more updates on The Ralph journey.

Take care,

The Ralph Team




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  1. Nicola Waters says:

    Hi how wonderful to come across a company website with such a clear message about people not being resources ! Refreshing and so on message with the work that we do on a daily basis with clients. Just felt the need to say I LOVE IT ! Great website, great message and I bet it’s an amazing team.

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