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Nelly’s story

Nelly relaxing in the garden at home

We love to receive updates from the families of our patients, but we know that the news can’t always be good. As you will read below, beautiful Nelly sadly passed away during the preparation of this story.

We first met Nelly this time last year. She was referred to our Ophthalmology Service late one evening for acute onset glaucoma. Like in humans, glaucoma is a serious eye condition in which the optic nerve (which connects the eye to the brain) is damaged. It’s usually caused by a buildup of fluid in the eye, which increases the pressure and can therefore be extremely painful. It can also severely affect vision, and cause permanent blindness, if it’s not caught and treated early.

Our Ophthalmologist, Heidi, removed Nelly’s eye in May last year to prevent further pain or complication to her eye health.

Nelly in the car shortly after her operation

In the words of Nelly’s carers…

“Nelly having her eye removed was an upsetting and very traumatic time for us, but as usual Nelly completely took it in her stride.

The process was very smooth, her recovery was straight forward and we were very happy to have our family member home healthy and happy. Heidi gave us the best advice and support throughout the whole process. I feel that due to the approach to care at The Ralph Nelly had no fears of going to the vets or anyone going near her eye.

The last year she has been like a puppy again, taking each day as it comes and never making a fuss over losing her eye. Loving, caring, fantastic Nelly has been a part of our family for nine and a half years. She’s lived an amazing life with Dolly (her canine sister).

Heartbreakingly, after writing this, our beloved Nelly passed away, we are absolutely heartbroken and have lost the most incredible family member. Everyone who met Nelly fell instantly in love. She was the most trusting and loveable gentle giant. We couldn’t have asked for a better friend in Nelly, she got us through everything in life. She was the most selfless dog right until the end. Our home won’t be the same without her. In all honesty, every home should have a Nelly.”

Nelly (left) with her sister Dolly (right)

Pets play a very special part in our lives providing unconditional love, joy, loyalty, acceptance, friendship, comfort and companionship sometimes over many years.

If you are grieving the loss of a beloved companion, or are interested to read more about pet bereavement please visit The Ralph Site. There is an accompanying blog and Facebook group as well as links to finding pet bereavement counsellors. The Blue Cross offers a Pet Bereavement Support Service provided by trained volunteers.

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