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Meet Rio and His TPLO…

Rio recently had TPLO (or tibial plateau levelling osteotomy) surgery at The Ralph. In a previous blog, we have talked at length about this procedure.

In this week’s blog though, we are pushing it up a notch. This week we are vlogging!

Here is the video diary of Rio’s procedure including a chat with Stefano, our Orthopaedic surgeon ahead of the surgery, a video showing the damage to Rio’s knee joint using arthroscopy (or keyhole surgery) and the last word from Stefano on Rio’s care post-op.

Is your pet about to undergo TPLO surgery? Check out our TPLO animation to learn more about the surgery, and what you can expect post-surgery.


To find out more about our Orthopaedic Surgery Service, please click on the link.

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