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Launching our Referral Nurse Internship Programme!

Seven members of the first cohort: Louise, Evie, Emily, Katie, Heather, Kristine and Josh. Jodie is self-isolating and will join the group next week.

Last week we launched our Referral Nurse Internship Programme with the first cohort of eight Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs).

The 12-month internship caters for qualified veterinary nurses with no prior referral experience, and aims to equip them with referral-specific skills.

Louise, Evie, Emily, Katie, Heather, Kristine, Josh and Jodie will rotate across a number of The Ralph’s twelve core services, and will be allocated mentors to support their learning in each department.

Reflective practice will be a key part of the programme, with formative and summative assessments to test critical thinking, skills competency and depth of clinical knowledge.

Julia Cox DTLLS RVN V1 A1, Nurse Training Coordinator at The Ralph, says, “I’m really excited to be involved in the development of this supportive learning programme. It will assist nurses to bridge the gap between primary care nursing and referral level nursing, and help them to advance their careers.”

Shailen Jasani MA VetMB MRCVS DipACVECC Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist, Founder, CEO and Clinical Director, says, “Despite still being a young hospital, we always look for new opportunities to support our progressive ethos. This ethos is consistent with our start-up DNA and learning mindset. Our new Referral Nurse Internship Programme aligns very well with this. The structured programme will support RVNs wanting to dip their toes into referral practice. This gentle introduction is better for both their psychological safety and for patient care.”

So, without further ado, meet the interns below!

Emily: “Knowing a few people who work at The Ralph and who have spoken so highly of its care and compassion towards patients and staff, I was really excited to hear of this RVN internship where I would get the opportunity to learn about all areas of referral nursing, particularly those I haven’t had much experience in, having only worked in first opinion previously. I am excited to begin my journey at The Ralph.”

Evie: “I have always wanted to be in referral since I started my nursing career but I didn’t know what I wanted to specialise in. An RVN at The Ralph, who I had worked with previously, shared the RVN internship online. The opportunity to be an RVN intern is something I had never heard of before. I found out it was a chance to transition from hospital to referral work with a support system and guidance. It would also expose me to all aspects of referral work. I am thrilled that I have been given the opportunity to find my niche.”

Heather: “Referral nursing has always interested me but I never really knew what department I would thrive in. This nurse internship not only gives me the opportunity to experience every area The Ralph has to offer but also allows me to develop my nursing with support and guidance along the way.”

Josh: “I’m thrilled to be part of the nurse internship. After working here for a year while getting through my OSCEs as a PCA, I’ve seen so many amazing cases and procedures. It’ll be brilliant to get more involved with the cases and working in more detail with the services.”

Katie: “With enjoying so many different aspects of nursing, it’s hard to pick one when you’ve never had the opportunities exposed to you. Not only does The Ralph’s internship open up so many exciting doors, it also provides knowledge and support.”

Kristine: “I’ve always wanted to work in referral. The rotating nurse internship provides the perfect opportunity to experience the different disciplines and gain experience with referral level nursing. With the focus on training and mentoring I’m excited about gaining the knowledge and skills required for referral level nursing and developing my nursing skills in a supportive environment. It’s an amazing opportunity for career progression. I’m excited to become a part of Team Ralph.”

Louise: “I was incredibly excited when I saw The Ralph was offering a nursing internship for RVNs. Having always been based in first opinion practice I have been itching to develop my nursing skills further. In previous practices a lot of our patients would be referred on to The Ralph and I would always wonder what diagnostics and treatment they had received. This is a fantastic opportunity and I am thrilled to be a part of Team Ralph. I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

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