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This week, our focus is turning to our people, and three people in particular. We are shining a light on our Hospital Director, Tammy Ford, and our Champions of Culture, Community and Innovation, Ru Clements and Stacey Davidson. This is our chance to tell you a bit more about how their roles at The Ralph are integral to implementing our vision.

Tammy Ford, Hospital Director

Tammy’s background is firmly based in veterinary nursing, although she also has a law degree! For the past few years, Tammy has been working in a managerial position for an independent veterinary group which includes both small hospitals and primary care practices. She has a wealth of experience and we couldn’t be happier that she is part of Team Ralph.

What does the role of Hospital Director involve?

The role of the Hospital Director as it stands today is very varied, and Tammy is a very busy woman! She works closely with Shailen (our CEO and Clinical Director) and Iqbal (our Finance Director) to plan the day-to-day operation of the hospital. Ongoing key tasks including bottoming out our clinical equipment requirements (there are a lot!) and coming up with a list of all the forms, protocols, policies and procedures we will need in place before launch.

Once the hospital opens in January, Tammy’s role will be very hands-on spanning both clinical and non-clinical operations. In particular, she will be working very closely with our Chief Operating Officer and with Shailen. As well as being involved in lots of decision-making around the hospital, Tammy will also provide operational support to our people.

In future blogs, we will be getting to know Tammy a bit better and on a more personal level; for example, things such as what makes her tick and what her aspirations for The Ralph are. And once the hospital is open, we will be running a series of blogs called ‘A day in the life of…’ which will showcase what a typical day for Tammy involves.

Please check back for those instalments in the months to come.


Ru Clements and Stacey Davidson, Champions for Culture, Community and Innovation

We have previously spoken in this blog about the culture that we are developing at The Ralph and the importance that our culture will have on our day-to-day working. As this is such a vital and important part of what we are building at The Ralph, it is very fitting that we have people who are dedicated to making this a daily reality.

Who is Ru Clements?

Ru is a qualified veterinary surgeon having graduated from Edinburgh in 2010. Ru is passionate about creating a community that champions individual wellbeing, care and compassion. Above all, she is dedicated to building great veterinary culture with a focus on authenticity, purpose and values.

Who is Stacey Davidson?

Stacey’s background is in communications and she is passionate about finding ways to use communications to enhance and cultivate workplace culture. She is inspired by helping people to thrive in the work place by creating a nurturing, safe and compassionate environment, where people are able to be at their best.

 What does the role of a Champion of Culture, Community and Innovation involve?

Ru and Stacey’s role is to act as culture ambassadors and guardians – they are responsible for safe-guarding our culture and ensuring that ‘the way we do things around here’ remains aligned with our vision. They make sure that every decision or activity is considered through our cultural lens to ensure that we remain true to our aspirations and values.

The Ralph supports and encourages a growth mindset and as Champions of Innovation, Ru and Stacey also support the entrepreneurial spirit that we encourage in our hospital. Only by being at the forefront of technology and understanding what our patients, pet-carers and referrers need and want can we create innovative and forward-thinking solutions. Ru and Stacey are instrumental in supporting the management team, and in time our people as well, with such initiatives. Again, they always ensure that any new ideas are appraised through our cultural lens to make sure they are consistent with our ethos.

Again, in future blogs, we will get to know Ru and Stacey in more detail so look out for that in the coming months.

​For now, we hope that this has given you an insight into the current day-to-day responsibilities of The Ralph’s Hospital Director and Champions of Culture, Community and Innovation. You can see why they are such an important part of The Ralph’s core team!

And of course, there is plenty more to come in due course, including similar introductions to new team members as they come on board.

See you next time and take care,

The Ralph Team

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