Hydrotherapy treadmill

Hydrotherapy can be a useful supplement to land-based physiotherapy. Performing exercise in water provides patients with buoyancy and support thereby increasing their mobility. For patients unable to walk on land, it allows them to practice walking and can be especially helpful for those recovering from orthopaedic (bone/joint) surgery (once all their wounds have healed). Or for dogs and cats that cannot use their legs properly due to a nerve-related problem (paraplegic, tetraplegic).

In our Hydrotherapy unit, our HydroPhysio treadmill has several features which optimise the treatment we can offer our patients. These include:

– Extended platform length
– Side platforms for the therapist to stand on while the treadmill is running
– Adjustable incline, speed and water levels

We also have a ceiling-mounted hoist available which helps to support patients who are unable to bear their own body-weight, enabling us to treat them both with hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.