Compassionate Patient Care Team

Compassion is of vital importance in our approach to treating patients. We always take the time to care for and treat each animal as an individual and have a deep understanding and respect for the relationship between our patients and their human families. We always ensure that our patients are comfortable and nurtured, and that they get as many cuddles as they would at home.

We treat all our patients with compassion, respect and patience. We seek to go beyond the fundamentals of fear-free practice to ensure that our patients are not just as relaxed as possible but more than that, that their experience with us is healing and positive. At The Ralph, we follow the fundamentals of compassionate practice to ensure that our patients are supported to be as relaxed as possible.

We have a dedicated Compassionate Patient Care Team who comprise:

– Champion of Compassionate Patient Care

– Champion of Feline Friendliness, who makes sure that our feline patients and their specific needs are catered for.

– Champion of Canine Compassion

– Champion of Patient Empathy

To contact the Compassionate Patient Care Team, please email them at [email protected].