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Diary of Building a Veterinary Hospital; the Next Instalment

It’s time for another round-up of what has been going on with our hospital development – yes, the diary of building a veterinary hospital is a month older!

And what a month it has been…

Our site development team continues to make progress. Sadly a lot of this month’s work is out of sight which means that we don’t have lots of new photographs to share with you just yet. We decided to spare you from the pictures of multiple electrical cables hanging from the ceilings.  But almost at the point of resigning ourselves to packing away our cameras, our new mezzanine floor arrived and started to be constructed. Now, this is something that we can get on-board with; we can definitely see progress here, and what progress it is!

Work gets underway…

…and looks heavy!…

…but progress is quickly made!

The new floor will mean that the hospital extends fully over two storeys giving us lots of space both for the present and for future expansion. And look how it is coming together…

Looks good, hey?

Over the last month we have also been working on plans for the rooms that will house our CT and MRI scanners (did someone say Faraday cage?!). This is detailed work that has to be done right to ensure safety of our patients and our people and to comply with regulations. We have therefore brought a specialist contractor in to help with this. Detailed work also continues in specifying and costing all of our interior design elements….and much more besides!

So, the past month has been about laying some good foundations – ensuring our bases are covered and getting the big things done well to make way for the next stages of construction. Stay tuned for more updates. And why not follow us on Facebook and Instagram so that you never miss an update.

See you again soon and take care.

The Ralph Team

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