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A little thanks goes a long way


This week we have been thinking about gratitude within the workplace and how it plays a key part in our culture at The Ralph. We believe that showing appreciation and gratitude should be a fundamental part of everyday life at The Ralph – not just because it’s the nice thing to do, but because we believe that when people feel appreciated and valued, it boosts morale and happiness as well as productivity.

And it’s been proven.  A survey conducted on behalf of the online jobs and career community, Glassdoor, found that 81% of people said they were more motivated when their work is appreciated. Although it’s great to see the evidence, to us it’s a no brainer. And so, we’ve been busy planning initiatives to ensure that gratitude is part of daily life at The Ralph.


This doesn’t centre around the fancy perks or valuable rewards – it’s the simple, everyday things that can really go a long way.  Hand-written thank you notes, for example, feel so much more personal than a generic email.  A heart-felt thank you in person when a great job has been done should not be underestimated. We will also share our appreciation for all to hear and to publicly recognise the team for their efforts. We plan to do this via Ralph initiatives such as our “go the extra mile programme” which is designed to recognise our team member’s efforts and celebrate their successes (see our previous blog about recognition and empowerment for more on this topic).

Lastly, we believe that feeling appreciated and valued comes hand in hand with a sense of belonging.  That’s why we are going to make sure that all our people are involved in many of our decision-making processes.  Everyone will always have their say in decisions that impact them, their role and the way the hospital is run.  We appreciate our people and will always listen to their views.

Our team are wonderfully brilliant; experienced, highly-qualified, compassionate, and caring. And we feel it is essential that they feel appreciated, valued and happy. We firmly believe that building a culture, in which appreciation and gratitude is a fundamental part of the way we work, will result in a positive and productive workplace.

Thanks for checking in, and make sure you take a moment this week to be thankful.

Take care,

The Ralph team

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