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A day in the shoes of Georgia, Trainee Theatre Technician

In today’s edition of our ‘A day in the shoes of…’ series we hear from Georgia our Trainee Theatre Technician. Although very much ‘behind the scenes’, Georgia’s work is pivotal to our clinical services. You will typically find Georgia either in theatre, or in one of our two Autoclave Rooms – we have one for clean, ready-to-use equipment, and one for used equipment which needs cleaning and sterilising for surgery. Georgia is always motivated to learn new things. She seeks inspiration from the part she plays in the treatment journey of many of our patients. Let’s hear from Georgia and find out more…

“I begin my day by creating a clean working environment, starting with a wipe-down of all of the surfaces in our autoclave rooms before starting my tasks. My daily tasks involve cleaning and packaging all of the surgery kits and instruments, along with other equipment used regularly throughout the hospital, ready to be put in the autoclave for sterilisation. It’s vital that all of our equipment is sterile to reduce the risk of infection for our patients.

Georgia packaging surgical equipment ready to be placed in the autoclave


The autoclave is essentially a steam oven, which uses heat to kill any pathogens which may be lurking on the equipment. Whilst we dispose of some clinical equipment because we can’t reuse it, items like surgical markers and skin staplers can be reused once sterilised. The thing I enjoy most about my role is learning about the different instruments I am preparing – what they are called, what they are used for. 

Georgia placing the surgical equipment after it has been washed and sterilised


On busy days I scrub-in and support the surgical team in theatre. This can involve a variety of tasks, including assisting with the preparation of a patient before surgery, or cleaning and getting the theatres ready for the next patient. If everything is in hand with the surgical equipment, I lend a hand in the dog ward and cat ward and help the team with patients in our Ultrasound Room. I love being a part of Team Ralph. You are surrounded by people who share the same compassion and kindness towards animals as they do each other. I am lucky as my role involves collaborating with the whole clinical team. I get to work closely with the vets, nurses, and patient care assistants here. 

Georgia and Alanna with a patient in our Ultrasound Room


Things can get pretty fast-paced when we have a lot of patients in theatre. It can be a challenge to quickly turn around the equipment ready for the next surgery or procedure. But I enjoy the challenge. I see it as an opportunity to improve my efficiencies and processes.  My team members are also quick to lend a hand during these busy periods, which is amazing. 

At the end of my shift, I make sure both Autoclave Rooms are clean and tidy before sweeping and mopping the floors. As my role is very technical-based I don’t always have a chance to spend time with our patients. So at the end of the day, if I have some free time I will wander around the hospital, and check-in on the cat and dog wards to see if there is anything I can do to help my team members.

For anyone wishing to pursue a similar role, I’d say you would never be bored! There is always something you can do to help, and there is so much to learn. What’s really important to me is knowing that my role plays an important part in the patient’s journey – it is this which makes everything worthwhile, even when things get a little tough.” 

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